Nutrition Deficiencies

Vitamin D

This is the most common deficiency (present in 70% of our patients before and after surgery).  The body makes Vitamin D from sun exposure.  Rarely found in food.  Amount in milk products is far too low to get daily needs.

Results of Deficiency:  brittle bones, cancer, increased risk of infection, asthma, increased risk of cardiac death.  It is one of the most important Vitamins in the body, affecting almost 20% of functioning enzyme systems.

Replacement:  Most patients must take 3000-5000 units daily.  It is available over the counter



Almost 20% of our patients are deficient in Iron.

Results of Deficiency:  feeling tired and weak, slowed mental thinking, decreased immune function with increased risk of infection, sore tongue, eating alot of ice.

Replacement:  If mild deficiency, a good Iron tablet or chewable version can be taken 2-3 times per day.  If a severe deficiency with ice eating, an iron infusion may be optimal.



With the Sleeve and Bypass, the normal hormone which helps to absorb the B-12 from your diet is decreased.

Symptoms of Deficiency:  Anemia, weakness, neurological (brain) disorders, emotional disorders

Replacement:  Weekly supplements should be taken.  Sublingual B-12 is simple.  Intranasal Sprays are somewhat more effective and well tolerated.  Regular bloodwork is appropriate to monitor for this vitamin level.

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