Paying For Surgery


We gladly accept standard fees from most major carriers.  The process may involve several steps that are required by your insurance company.

  • Consultation with the Weight loss surgeon
  • 3-6 month physician-supervised weight loss effort
  • Cardiac clearance
  • Pre-approval letter from the insurance company

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Cash Prices

We are happy to work with you individually to find a way to accomplish weight loss surgery within your budget.  For some, insurance coverage is not an option. We offer special self-pay pricing to aid patients in affording surgery. Some patients have the opportunity to use pre-tax deductions for healthcare expenses, reducing the taxable income.  This can also include finance options.

Please contact our office and we will work with you to accomplish all of the details:

Prices effective January 15, 2019, until further notice

Prices vary by facility so please call our office to verify pricing.


For patients who do not qualify for insurance coverage and do not wish to self-pay, there are various third-party financing options available for each of the procedures we offer, gastric bypass, Lap Band and gastric sleeve.

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