Financing Bariatric Surgery

For patients who do not qualify for insurance coverage and do not wish to self-pay, there are various third-party financing options available for each of the procedures we offer, gastric bypass, Lap Band and gastric sleeve. Bear in mind that financing options will carry additional interest expenses and, depending on the program you choose, may add significant cost to the procedure. The following financing options are the most commonly used by our patients.

  1. Third-party medical financing. WLS likes to recommend Prosper Lending as a third-party financing source.  Prosper will perform a soft credit check which will not affect your credit score. Click here to learn more about their programs and to see if you qualify.Prosper
  2. Credit Cards. Patients will often use their credit cards to finance a procedure, however keep in -mind that credit cards tend to have variable interest rates that can create long-term uncertainty about the cost of payments.
  3. Secured Loan. A secured loan, such as a fixed home loan or home equity line of credit, uses assets to collateralize payment to the lender. Before using this financing method, make sure that you know that one can lose pledged assets if payments are not made.

Please choose from these options carefully and be sure to understand all the risks and benefits of financing your procedure before committing to this option.


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