Support Groups

Meeting Of Support Group

We encourage patients to commit themselves to some type of regular support. Please consider the following resources that you might consider:

  1. Small support teams at your workplace. Connect with 1-2 other co-workers who have had surgery. Each of you would benefit from mutual encouragement, diet monitoring, and emotional support.
  2. On-line support. Consider joining they have a nice support system that can help to answer those annoying problems. You could develop individual email contacts with patients in our practice or anywhere in the country.
  3. Facebook chat with a physician every Tuesday evening at 9pm at our Facebook page
  4. Other community support groups close to your home or at your convenience (Baylor locations, etc)

Please look over our proposed support group meetings. These should prove to be a lot of fun. The address is listed below:

Medical City Dallas
7777 Forest Lane
Children’s Tower Classrooms A&B

*Support Groups at Medical City Dallas are held on the 2nd Monday of each month from 7:00pm-9:00pm

Elsewhere in Texas

In-Home Support

214-823-5000 Contact Us
12201 Merit Dr., Suite 440
Dallas, TX 75251
4510 Medical Center Drive | Suite #205
McKinney, TX 75069