Before and After


My PCP referred me to this practice when my weight hit 230+! I had a long list of medical issues which included, total knee replacement, (2010), 4 level spinal fusion in 2012 in which I got a staph infection & then became septic. I was in the hospital almost 2 months! I took 9 surgeries total in a 14 month period to recover & lots of PT. . My B/P wa high with meds as well as my cholesterol & triglycerides.

Dr Henke didn’t blink an eye but instead said I think we can help you and repair the hernia & improve the Barrets Esophagus at the same time.

A lot of changes were going on within the practice that had to be addressed along the way but I can honestly say now that Dr Henke and his team are WONDERFUL !!

He meets with us weekly on Tuesday evenings for our online support group. That AMAZES me completely!! Dr Henke is so busy now & this is his own free time. No treat em’ & street em’ with him. He’s in it with u for the long haul to give advice & support.

The office is great now! Kelly, the medical assistant is amazing and knowledgeable. I’m ssoooo glad I took the plunge. Highest weight: 240 lbs, surgery weight: 235-236lbs, current weight: 143-147lbs!!!!! Wear a SIZE 6 in jeans! WooHoo

Thank you, Thank you Dr Henke!








If you’re ready to get started on your weight loss surgery journey, we invite you to take the first step and watch our online seminar. It is the best way to learn your options and feel empowered to make the choice that is right for you.

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