Discharge from The Hospital

Quick Facts

  • Discharge date depends on your progression in recovery
  • Typical stay for bypass patients 1-3 nights if performed laparoscopically
  • Typical stay for sleeve patients 1-2 nights if performed laparoscopically
  • Add a night or two for open surgery
  • Have someone drive you home and help with chores around the house

Discharge is a fluid process largely based on how you are recovering after surgery. Every patient recovers differently, however as a rule of thumb, the healthier the patient was before surgery, the quicker the recovery afterwards. Patients who do not smoke or quit smoking even earlier than recommended will see improved healing.

The recovery time required will also depend on the type of surgery and the technique used to perform the procedure. Laparoscopic surgery whether performed with traditional devices or robotically assisted will offer the shortest recovery time, while open surgery will add one to two days in the hospital. There is always the risk of conversion to open surgery, which will be discussed with Dr. Henke in consultation.

Importantly, your ability to drive will be compromised for at least a few days after surgery. If you are taking narcotic medication, you should not drive until 48 hours after your final dosage. Even if you’re not taking narcotic pain medication, we suggest that you do not drive for a week after surgery.

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