Early Recovery Diet

The diet over the first few weeks of recovery is specially formulated to reduce stress on your stomach and intestinal tract. It is also optimized to balance health with caloric restriction. Fluids and electrolytes must be replaced. Therefore, following your post-op dietary plan is very important.

Clear Liquid Diet

The first two weeks will consist of a liquid diet. For the first few days after surgery, you will be on a clear liquid diet. The most common components of this diet include low sodium broth – chicken, beef or vegetable – water, low or no sugar sports drinks, flavored waters and decaf tea. You may be tempted by zero calorie drinks with artificial sweeteners. While you may do so, recent data is showing that artificial sweeteners may trick the brain into craving more sugar and you may eat more as a result. We strongly suggest natural no calorie fruit infusions instead.  There are also clear liquids with protein added by many companies.

During this time, it is very important that no carbonated beverages of any kind are consumed as these can stretch the new stomach pouch, not only causing significant pain, but potentially long-term damage.  It also increases your risk of a leak.

Full Liquid Diet

After a couple days, you will transition into the full liquid diet. Once again, no solid foods are being consumed, you’re not limited to clear liquids. During this phase, you can get creative with what you eat. Regular yogurt or diluted Greek yogurt, skim milk, cream-based soups – strained and blended – can all be on the menu. You will begin to take protein meal replacement supplements in the form of shakes. There are many bariatric friendly brands on the market. We can recommend options that our patients particularly enjoy, or feel free to choose whichever you prefer.

The full liquid diet will last until around the two-week mark, at which time you will be seeing Dr. Henke for your first follow-up consultation.

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