Going Back to Work

After a surgical procedure and a few weeks of getting used to a new lifestyle, it is often very exciting to get back into the groove at work. Following are a few tips to help you with the transition back to work to avoid common mistakes

  1. Don’t push it. If you do not feel that you are ready to go back to work, even if Dr. Henke has cleared you to do so, take a few more days off, if possible
  2. Once at work, bear in mind that you will not be firing on all cylinders from day one. The effects of surgery can and will linger for a while, but you will regain your former abilities soon. Don’t get discouraged or stressed. You will often fatigue quicker early on.
  3. If your work involves strenuous activity, this may require a longer recovery time. Speak to your supervisor about temporarily transferring to a less strenuous job or taking additional time off to ensure you do not have complications
  4. Work can be stressful and stress can kill a diet, so be sure to practice stress relief activities.
  5. Work with HR to take charge of the health program at your office. Coordinate healthy activities and promote healthy habits. It’ll help you and your colleagues.
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